Crave Wellness Massage *
Regular: $79 | Member: $65
The Signature Wellness Massage is the quintessential Swedish full body relaxation massage. Swedish technique is exceptional for increasing oxygen to the body, decreasing muscle toxins, improving overall circulation and reducing tension while promoting the healing division of the nervous system. Customize your massage with optional enhancements.
Exfoliation Massage (60 min)
Regular: $89 | Member: $75
Improve the health and integrity of the body’s largest organ of filtration. Gently scrub away dry, dull skin to reveal younger looking, radiant skin. Followed with Eminence honeydew ultra-hydrating body lotion to soothe and rehydrate new skin.
Earth and Sky Paraffin (60 min)
Regular: $89 | Member: $75
Enjoy a warm paraffin foot soak while receiving a face, scalp and shoulder massage, then drift away while the tension is massaged out of your feet.
Spa Sampler (90 min)
Regular: $133 | Member: $112.50
Improve the integrity of the skin, face and body with this rejuvenating service. Receive a dry glove exfoliation massage followed Eminence honeydew body lotion to renew and hydrate the skin, and finish with a revitalizing mini facial.
Hot Stone Massage (90 min)
Regular: $148 | Member: $127.50
Taking massage to the next level, this ninety minute treatment is known as the Cadillac of spa massage. Melt away muscle tension and pain with warm basalt stones while reducing stress and promoting deep relaxation.
Doubles Massage
Regular: $158 | Member: $130*
Sweeten your bliss by sharing it with someone you love: husband, wife, mother, daughter or friend.
*Prices reflect 60 minute treatments and are adjusted accordingly for 30, 45, or 90 minute treatments.
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