When booking, please specify you are a maternity client so we can have maternity pillows ready for your appointment.

Maternity Therapeutic Massage
Regular: $99 | Member: $85 *
Prenatal Massage with a Registered Massage Therapist to treat hyper mobile tissue related to the pregnancy hormone oxytocin, and specific treatment of fatigued muscles. Recommended for mothers experiencing pain.
Maternity Wellness Massage
Regular: $79 | Member: $65 *
Foster a healthy pregnancy. Full body relaxation massage to relieve tired lower back, legs and more.
Can't See Your Toes Pedicure (60 min)
Regular: $79 | Member: $65
Allow us to pamper your swollen feet and achy calves with Crave’s Pedicure. Relieve tension with a back massage, and receive all your foot care needs while you relax on the table. Finish with a foot and leg massage to increase circulation.
*Prices reflect 60 minute treatments and are adjusted accordingly for 30, 45, or 90 minute treatments.
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