What is a Spa Practictioner?

The Spa Practitioner holds a one year certificate from Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy (OVCMT) with a minimum training of one thousand hours. They have the necessary skills and knowledge to provide a variety of spa services, as well as multiple massage techniques including Swedish massage, hot stone massage, and many more holistic techniques.

OVCMT has created a program that trains the Spa Practitioner to have knowledge of specific applications and contraindications of massage techniques. This allows the Spa Practitioner to elevate services provided to the public. This program also allows the student to return to year two of a massage therapy program, if at some time his or her career aspirations change.

Many of Crave Massage’s Spa Practitioners are in their second year of education. Crave also employs massage practitioners from other provinces and countries, but requires a minimum of one thousand hours from a registered school of massage.

At Crave Massage, we work together as a community of wellness providers. We believe that which is not taught and shared is lost, and that we shall treat everyone as though they have something we can learn.