Career Opportunities

It is Crave Massage's goal to employ therapists who feel fulfilled. For many that means being able to sustain a private practice or work in an alternate setting. We are happy to extend a part-time employment invitation to all Massage Therapists in private practice. You don't have to give up your clientele to work with other professionals and supplement your income.

Therapists interested in full-time employment will find Crave Massage to be a fantastic home, as our clinic is open 80 hours a week, taking full advantage of the times clients have available for massage. Additionally, the responsibility of therapists is simply to give clients a wonderful experience. A full-time opportunity with Crave Massage means massage only - no billing, booking, filing, or marketing.

Oftentimes this industry loses tremendously talented therapists who give up massage because they cannot meet their income requirements, or they don't have enough time to operate the office and do the bodywork. We are proud to have a home for all therapists. We offer consistent clientele, steady income and a professional environment where all of the supplies are furnished.

All therapists with Crave Massage are employees, not independent contractors. In this manner we can provide our therapists with the same peace of mind that other professionals expect - the tax burden is shared by the employer.

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Benefits and Perks:

Membership commissions

Benefits programs

Quarterly/bi-annual reviews for base-rate increases

Canada Pension contributions

CEU fund contribution and/or provided opportunities

Vacation Pay

License renewal assistance

Personal liability renewal assistance

Advancement Opportunities:

Lead Therapist

Regional Trainer

Clinic Administrator

...and of course, Clinic Owner